Photos By Moon

Sometimes I do get to places just when God's ready to have somebody click the shutter.  ~Ansel Adams

So, what we have here is six brothers from within a single family all growing up and choosing to become barbers, moving to and living in different Eastern North Carolina towns, becoming owners of their own shops and each one taking on the nickname of “Moon”

Medium: Newspaper Comics
Distributed by: Chicago Tribune
First Appeared: 1923
Creator: Frank Willard

And where did the nickname Moon come from? Well, actually, I got it from my Dad.  In 1923 Frank Willard started a syndicated cartoon called Moon Mullins, and it became very popular. It was so popular that men named Mullins or Mullen, born from about the 19-teens through the '60s, were as likely as not to be nicknamed "Moon".  So it was that my Dad and his seven brothers, who were all barbers were called Moon. I got the name at an early age, and it stuck with me all the years that I was growing up in Bethel, NC. I dropped the name when I went in the Army, and it seemed to have disappeared until about thirety years ago. I went back to Bethel and someone came up to me and said “Hey, Moon, where you been?”  So, being proud of my Dad and Bethel where I grew up, I said, what the heck -
Photos by Moon.  Now you know.

I purchased my first camera in 1953 when I was in Korea; I took pictures of the people and the countryside. This is when I first experienced a love of cameras and photography.

For the next forty some years I took pictures of family vacations and special events. I took some industrial photos for documentation and process control as a function of my job as an electronic test equipment engineer.

I retired in 1997, and it was at this time that digital   photography was starting to advance.

I purchased my first digital camera, an Olympus 3030 Zoom, and my first Dell computer.

My hobby in digital photography has flourished and keeps me busy.  I now have over one hundred thousand digital files archived on two 4 Terabyte external hard drives.

My favorite subjects are flowers, cityscapes and churches.  In the spring I will be taking pictures of roses at the Wilson Rose Garden and daylilies at Fletcher park and JC Park in Raleigh.  There is nothing more exciting than spending hours in the garden with my Canon Digital Rebel and zoom lenses, taking about 200 pictures of roses or daylilies.

And then I get to download the pictures to my computer where I can spend hours viewing, digitally enhancing and making graphic designs. Great hobby! 

Lewis Mullen